Professional Experience 1

2015 - 2016

Business Process Improvement Manager, Solar Product Group, North America
ABB, Phoenix, AZ
  • Created, received global approval for, and led a pilot project utilizing Microsoft Power BI as a self-service decision making system. Successfully merged 8 departmental functions into a single automated dashboard.
  • Automated the integration of SalesForce, Oracle, SAP, and other enterprise data sources for near-real-time reporting, including alerts and predictive / prescriptive analytics for business leaders.
  • Proactively developed training materials and trained 50+ co-workers on Power BI, PowerQuery, and PowerPivot.
  • Provided analytical support to 10+ developers who designed and built real-time apps which monitor production, workforce allocation, supplier compliance, inventory, financial services, sales, legal, service, and quality.
  • SharePoint administrator and technical developer for 23 corporate SharePoint sites.

2012 - 2015

Customer Quality Engineer Manager / Global Renewable Energy Data Analyst
ABB (formerly POWER-ONE), Phoenix, AZ
  • Created a warranty accrual model using information from all pertinent data sources to accurately predict 10+ years of field failures for over 2 million shipped products based upon historical failure rates. The model was a major contributor to the Power-One acquisition by ABB ($1B) with ≈1% variance from actual field failure rates. The accrual model also passed 3 external audits from both Deloitte and Ernst & Young with high praises.
  • Direct company interface for all customer quality issues. Led weekly meetings with senior quality leadership at 4 top-tier customers. Wrote and submitted over 100 customer Root Cause / Corrective Action reports.
  • Global Project Lead for the Early Warning System (EWS), a BI tool using over 60TB of mixed data to identify key problems in real time to resolve issues and provide automated customer, product, and regional analysis.
  • Created stored procedures to automate ETL, data quality, and performance tuning from multiple sources (Oracle, SalesForce, MySQL, factory test equipment…), which automatically populated quality reports (failure trends and pareto analysis) and distributed reporting via email and web-based dashboards to global teams.

2011 - 2012

Quality Information Systems Manager / Quality Engineer
POWER-ONE, Phoenix, AZ
  • Used TSQL coding and relational database design tools to create data warehouses using 3 MySQL instances.
  • Used Pentaho Data-Integration for automated ETL jobs, data quality analysis, and to export multiple reports providing near-real-time access to metrics which previously required 80+ man hours per month to compile.
  • Designed and developed 5 global dashboards for quality monitoring and gap analysis. Empowered multiple departments to identify problem areas, create viable solutions, and monitor reliability.
  • Quality project manager for global projects in the development and implementation of the Agile PLM Product Quality Module as the company’s global Quality Management System and Best Practices tool. ($600k+ budget)
  • Responsible for Global Quality department SharePoint Administration. Created themes, workflows, lists, pages, and processes. Managed all permissions and created training materials for the global team of more than 60 quality professionals.

2007 - 2010

Operational Training & Readiness Officer (N7)
NAVAL FORCES KOREA, Seoul, South Korea

(Concurrently with Fleet Activities Chinhae duties – see below)

  • Served on the global board of Regional Training Directors, formulating Navy training and readiness policy and strategy for all U.S. Navy sailors stationed in Korea. Personally prepared training curriculums for over 600 U.S. Navy active duty sailors and 14,000+ reserve support personnel serving in Korea.
  • Wrote the long-range (10+ years) Regional Training Instruction in accordance with the new training requirements published by Navy Installations Command.

2008 - 2010

Administration Officer
  • Tracked over 400 personnel records, ensuring timely evaluation and recognition of achievements.
  • Maintained all regulations, documentation, correspondence, and administered the command budget of more than $7 million.
  • Planned over 100 Distinguished Visitor itineraries for travel to the Chinhae area, including the Secretary of Defense, Secretary of the Navy, Chief of Naval Operations, and Commanders, U.S. Forces Korea and 7th Fleet.
  • Served as interim Base Commander on numerous occasions when the Commanding Officer was not available.
  • Initiated a monthly meeting with U.S. and Korean Naval officers for integrated planning opportunities.
  • Developed and participated in 8 one-week-long English immersion classes for Korean sailors. Earned an award from the Chief of Naval Operations, Republic of Korea, for the Command’s role.
  • Extra duties: Installation Webmaster, Public Affairs Officer, Training Officer, Protocol Officer, Senior Watch Officer, and served for 2 months as acting Executive Officer.

2007 - 2009

Operations Officer
  • Planned operational exercises and responses to various wartime scenarios, and led the Command response in 6 Tier I Joint / Combined Exercises, ensuring effective mission capability for the U.S. Navy in South Korea.
  • Requested funding ($8M+), helped design, and oversaw set-up of a new Regional Maritime Operations Center.

2006 - 2007

Public Affairs Officer
  • United a multi-national team and developed an 88-item checklist based upon 14 regulations that the U.S. Government, Department of Defense, and U.S. Navy issued regarding publicly accessible websites.
  • Re-coded the Command website to ensure 100% compliance with all applicable regulations.

2005 - 2006

First Lieutenant
USS CURTIS WILBUR (DDG-54), Yokosuka, Japan
  • Supervised and motivated 46 sailors in their performance of seamanship functions and evolutions in a dynamic environment. Prepared work schedules and directed several operations, including: mooring, docking, anchoring, fueling, towing, and transferring of personnel and cargo at sea.

2004 - 2005

Webmaster Assistant and Information Technology Support
  • Led the merger of over 280 web servers into a single combined system to bring the U.S. Naval Academy web presence into alignment with Department of Defense information security and visual design policies.
  • Developed and managed a database system using MySQL to track midshipmen attendance at all summer training activities.